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Add-ons can be added to your package to make your picnic better and more entertaining. Dream Picnic and Grand Oasis packages may already includes some of these add-ons.

Teepee Tent

Make any occasion luxurious


Assorted Desserts

Save some room for our two-tier assorted desserts


Charcuterie Board

Who's hungry? Picnic will not be complete without the food

$40 (for 2), $70 (for 4)

Sparkling Wine*

Add some sparkle to your meal


Polaroid Camera

Capture those precious moments. (Includes 10 films)


Backdrop Arch

Turn ordinary into extra ordinary with an amazing arch. (Curtain and florals)



Add that WOW! factor in your picnic


Picnic Table

Need some space? An extra table would help

$70/table, $50 (no decor)

Extra Time

Extend your picnic and have more time to relax and enjoy


Donut Wall

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy donuts


Fresh Flower Arrangements

Go from faux to fresh and turn your table into a flower garden (up to 2 tables)

$50 (per table)

Sparkling Water

Quench your thirst and add some fizz



Show that special someone just how special they are to you


Selfie Stand

Take selfies with your phone with this remote controlled tripod


Geometric Backdrop

Enhance your background with a stylistic backdrop (no decor)

$125 (double), $75 (single)

Get Creative (for 2 people)

Unleash your creativity with this painting activity


Additional Person

The more people, the merrier. Add more people to your party


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